Exercise objectives

The objectives of the exercise included:

  1. To test the use of the tool on coordinated response in the assessment and management of any public event with potential EU impact;
  2. To test the exchange of information and data related to current or emerging public health threats of Food and waterborne diseases (FWD) among the different levels of access rights to the EPIS;
  3. To test the use of EPIS in the specific area for FWD within the following components:
    • Technical discussion,
    • Urgent inquiries and
    • Ad hoc/threat assessment forum.
  4. To test the use of the FWD specific area in several steps including:
    • share and repository of relevant information, data, documents among the FWD Network;
    • launch, response to and monitoring of urgent inquiries;
    • facilitate technical discussions and threat/risk assessments;
    • coordinate the investigation into possible multi-country outbreaks of possible FWD origin in the EU.
  5. To test information flow between the FWD Network and Preparedness and Response Support Unit (PRU) through the:
    • eventual setting up of an internal response team;
    • eventual setting up of an external response team, consulting with other stakeholders not included in the FWD Network;
    • eventual issuing of an EWRS message.
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