Exercise Format

Exercise Green Field was an internal functional exercise (FX) conducted from the ECDC premises in Stockholm. The exercise ran in real time and was played on the 3 June (Day 1) from 1300 to 1700 and on 4 June (Day 2) from 0745 to 16:30.

Member States and Organisations who would normally interact with ECDC were simulated by members of the control staff and observers.

In addition, participation as observers from other stakeholders included a representative from:

•         WHO Euro;

•         DG SANCO C3;

•         Germany;

•         Romania;

•         France;

•         United Kingdom. 

Participants were requested to follow their normal plans and procedures and use their current methods of communication and operation.

The exercise was structured into twenty-nine injects, which followed the scenario.

The master events list was designed to encourage participants to utilise all available means of communication, such as phone, teleconference, facsimile, e-mail and EWRS. Contact details of simulated organisations where provided in an Exercise Directory.

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