Exercise Green Field was a functional  simulation exercise designed to provide an opportunity to review and practice internal procedures and systems to deal with a major public health event. This exercise was delivered by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), UK as external contractors to ECDC.

A previous internal exercise took place in June 2007, where the ECDC EOC facilities and “Public Health Event Operations Plan” (PHEOP) were tested. The exercise identified gaps and as a result improvements were made to the “Public Health Event Operations Plan” (PHEOP). Exercise Green Field was conducted in order to test the revised “Public Health Event Operations Plan” (PHEOP).

The exercise was conducted at the ECDC premises in Stockholm as an internal Functional Exercise (FX) . The "internal" nature of the exercise refers to the fact that exercise control was also co-located at ECDC so both command posts were located in the same building which is unusual in command post exercises.  

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