Link to ECDC Core Competencies

The materials of this course have been mapped to 3 domains in 2 areas of ECDC Competencies for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control. In the table below, the three domains are coloured green.



Area 1. Programme management

Elaborating and advocating an infection control programme

Management of an infection control programme, work plan and projects

Area 2. Quality improvement

Contributing to quality management

Contributing to risk management

Performing audits of professional practices and evaluating performance

Infection control training of employees

Contributing to research

Area 3. Surveillance and investigation of healthcare- associated infections (HAIs)

Designing a surveillance system

Managing (implementation, follow up, evaluation) a surveillance system

Identifying, investigating and managing outbreaks

Area 4. Infection control activities

Elaborating infection control interventions

Implementing infection control healthcare procedures

Contributing to reducing antimicrobial resistance

Advising appropriate laboratory testing and use of laboratory data

Decontamination and sterilisation of medical devices

Controlling environmental sources of infections

The general course documents (AB001, AB002, and AB003), link to these 3 domains in general sense.

Furthermore, materials were mapped to ECDC Intervention Epidemiology Competencies:

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