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This online course introduces you to the PRECEPT framework. PRECEPT aims at supporting the systematic and transparent assessment of evidence in different areas or domains that are relevant for decision-making in Public Health with a special focus on infectious diseases.

If you have some experience with systematic reviews you will quickly recognise that the individual elements and steps of the proposed approach are not new. PRECEPT integrates these individual elements and different domains into one comprehensive framework that guides users from identification of the relevant questions in different domains to preparation of a final evidence assessment summary. 

E-course "Writing and Reviewing Scientific Abstracts: a field epidemiology focus"

This online course aims to help public health professionals strengthen their skills in writing, reviewing and editing scientific abstracts. The course will address general principles of writing and reviewing abstracts, yet the examples will have a field epidemiology focus, such as outbreak investigations. Training methods include online lectures, exercises and participation to Forum discussions. Participants can decide on the distribution of time they wish to invest in the course. However, there will be common deadlines for submission of assignments. Submitting these assignments will be essential for participating to the next stages of the course, so participants will need to be aware that they need to plan well. All assignments will be peer-reviewed only and we will provide clear instructions to perform those reviews.

This E-course may be interesting for public health professionals in the domain of disease prevention and control, who plan to submit abstracts to scientific conferences. Watch the video below to get a taste of what you can find in this course.

This online course has been developed since seasonal influenza vaccination of health care workers (HCWs) is recommended in Europe but vaccination uptake remains low in most countries. During the course information about influenza disease, protection against influenza, tools to assess vaccine uptake and barriers to vaccination as well as stimulating examples of successful campaigns will be presented. It is our hope that a community of vaccination campaign organizers will be built in Europe that can help inspire each other to create informative and effective seasonal influenza vaccination campaigns year after year. Watch the video below to get a taste of what you can find in this course.

The course is open from 25th October 2017. The course is self paced with no moderation. 

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