This Case study aims at local community outbreak response teams. 

Case study objectives:

  1. Determine the responsibilities of the municipality and of the employer in outbreak response. 

  2. Propose a plan for the recording of foreign temporary workers for public health purposes.  

  3. Identify communication channels and feedback loops between different key actors. 

  4. Determine potential barriers to compliance with control measures. 

  5. Integrate ‘lessons learned' from an outbreak into the municipal preparedness plan.

It's designed to be delivered face-to-face to a group of 4-14 individuals, including:

  • employees of the local administration and municipal public health service;
  • employers of foreign temporary workers;
  • employees of other municipal institutions, such as social services, or NGOs

This case study presented by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control was developed with contribution of experts from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.