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Featured Control of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) in healthcare settings 2023

Launch date: October 2023
Tags: AMC, AMR, ARHAI, Antimicrobial, Consumption, Control, HAI, Infection, MDRO, Prevention, Resistance, Resistant, healthcare, newest
Interactive lecture

Featured Drivers and modifiers of antibiotic prescribing & infection prevention and control practices in healthcare settings (interactive lecture)

Launch date: May 2022
Tags: AMC, AMR, ARHAI, Antibiotic, Antimicrobial, Comsumption, HAI, IPC, Infection, Resistance, drivers, healthcare, interactive, lecture, newest, prescribing, video
Training material

Featured Instructional quiz on point prevalence survey (PPS) of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial use

Launch date: March 2023
Tags: AMC, AMR, ARHAI, Antibiotic, Antimicrobial, Consumption, HAI, Infection, PPS, Point, Prevalence, Resistance, healthcare, newest, survey

Featured Investigation of healthcare–associated infection outbreaks

Launch date: October 2023
Tags: AMR, ARHAI, Antibiotic, Antimicrobial, HAI, Infection, Outbreak, Resistance, healthcare, newest

Antimicrobial stewardship (course)

Launch date: November 2020
Tags: ARHAI, Antibiotic, Antimicrobial, Programme, Stewardship, prescribing