Exercise Evaluation

Exercise Black Trapezium was evaluated against the objectives of the exercise; this evaluation was supported by and based upon the following:

  • On-line feedback forms developed by the exercise planning team and completed by Member State and other participating countries. 
  • A separate evaluation form provided to each ECDC participant to be completed and given to the HPA evaluator after the hot wash-up
  • Reports from evaluators who were based at ECDC during the exercise.
  • A hot wash-up conducted by control staff immediately after the end of the exercise, where ECDC participants were invited to comment on “What went well” and “Key issues or learning points”.
  • A short audio conference individually with MS and other participating countries on 2/3 December 2010, where participants were invited to discuss any further issues they wished to highlight from the exercise with respect to EPIS and ECDC, and also to clarify any points from their online feedback

A post exercise evaluation workshop took place on 2 December at ECDC for ECDC exercise participants. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the initial findings of the exercise and consider possible solutions.  Outcomes of this were also captured in the final report.

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