Exercise format

Exercise Red Wing was a tabletop simulation exercise conducted at the ECDC premises in Stockholm. The exercise was played on on a single day from 08:30 to 15:30.

One representative from the following Member States played in the exercise:

• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Czech Republic
• France
• UK

In addition, participation from other stakeholders included a representative from:

• WHO Euro
• ECDC was represented by players appointed from different units across the organisation.

Member States players were asked to represent their country’s reaction to the scenario presented by using their normal plans and procedures. For the purposes of the exercise they fulfilled a dual role, both in epidemiological and in public health response – i.e. their role encompassed both risk assessment and risk management.

Players from the ECDC, EC DG SANCO and WHO Euro represented their organisations reaction to the scenario presented.

The exercise was structured into four distinct sessions, which explored different stages of the scenario

• Block One – Notification by index-MS of confirmed Ebola diagnosis

• Block Two – Receipt by index-MS of passenger details

• Block Three – Updated information on index case movements on flight

• Block Four – Notification of secondary cases across Europe

Players were seated in one room at individual country or organisation tables, coming together at appropriate times for mock teleconferences and meetings as required. Discussion and interaction between players was actively encouraged.

Observers were invited to the Exercise to look at the lessons they could take back to their own organizations.

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