Exercise format

Exercise Brown Lagoon was an internal functional simulation exercise conducted from the ECDC premises in Stockholm.

The exercise ran in real time over 2 days, from 09:00 to ~17:30 on day 1 and from 08:00 to 16:15 on day 2.

Participants were asked to follow their normal plans and procedures and use their current methods of communication.

Member States and Organisations who would normally interact with ECDC were portrayed by a Simulation Group based at the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in the UK.

Observers from WHO- Euro, DG-SANCO C3, Joint Research Centre, Unisys and the Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response from the HPA were invited to the Exercise.

Communications between participants and the Simulation Group was based on a master events list and it was designed to utilise all available means of communication, such as phone, teleconference, videoconference, facsimile, e-mail and EWRS. Contact details of simulated organisations where provided in an Exercise Directory

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