Exercise Brown Lagoon was a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) commissioned simulation exercise designed to provide an opportunity to review and practice internal procedures and systems to deal with major public health events.

The exercise was conducted at the ECDC premises in Stockholm as a Functional Exercise (FX) with some supporting activities from the contractors, HPA in the UK.

An ‘Exercise Design Team’ (EDT) – consisting of staff from the Emergency Response Department of the HPA – was established to design and conduct the exercise. An Exercise Planning Group (EPG) made up of staff from the Preparedness and Response Unit of the ECDC and Unisys (designers and installers of the ECDC Emergency Operations Centre), was formed to provide the Exercise Design Team with guidance for the planning and approval of the exercise documentation and conduct. The EDT and EPG met several times during the planning process and held regular teleconferences to discuss progress.

A meeting for ECDC staff took two weeks before Exercise Brown Lagoon, where general information on the exercise organisation and purpose where shared.

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