Training objectives

This course aims to provide the participant with the knowledge and skills to collect data consistently and robustly using the EU PPS protocol including application of the case definitions, data collection methods, validation methodologies and basic interpretation of the EU PPS results. 

On successful completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe the aims and objectives of the EU PPS
  2. Describe the principles and approaches to PPS epidemiology inclusive of strengths and limitations
  3. Describe the EU PPS data collection process
  4. Describe and apply the EU PPS case definitions
  5. Understand the concept of reliability in the context of the EU PPS
  6. Collect data on the EU PPS data collection forms and have an insight into the HELICS-Win PPS data collection tool
  7. Implement a local PPS in their hospital and supply PPS data to the national coordinator
  8. Understand the reporting output from the EU PPS
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