Professional exchanges

Senior exchange initiative entails the exchange of professionals between PH institutions and/or laboratories across the EU. Visiting experts will spend a period of two days to two weeks (maximum) in a selected hosting site in an EU MS or an EEA country on an "on-the-job training". Each training visit is organised around one or more specific topic/s as outlined in the scope of the training. The visiting experts is expected to disseminate newly gained knowledge to their colleagues in their home country after the exchange period.


  • Create opportunity for Public Health experts to familiarise themselves with working methods of other EU countries and promote sharing of good practices. 
  • Foster mutual learning, networking and trust among colleagues within the EU. 
  • Improve Member States national, regional and local capacity and competence in the specific area targeted by the training.
  • Support the European dimension in PH cooperation and training

For more information regarding this activity, please read: 

Information sheet 

Rules governing the ECDC Senior Exchange part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme

ECDC Logistic support

ECDC will cover travel and accommodation expenses as well as provide daily allowance according to the ECDC Reimbursement rules. The travel arrangements will be made by ECDC's Travel Agency with assistance from the Missions & Meetings Office.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic the exchanges are suspended and resumed when the epidemiological situation allows

What did participants say..

"...this was a great opportunity for which I am very thankful."

SE participant 2016

" I just want to thank for the given opportunity: the experience was beyond my expectation. I encourage ECDC to continue with this activity."

SE participant 2017

“In service training for staff in MS public health institutes is hugely appreciated. This programme is very versatile allowing the candidate to be very specific and targeted in their learning objective. I highly recommend it."

SE participant 2017

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