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ECDC Summer School 2015 in EVA

Rodrigo Filipe
ECDC Summer School 2015 in EVA
by Rodrigo Filipe - Wednesday, 16 September 2015, 10:55 PM

The 2015 edition of ECDC Summer School took place in Stockholm from 9 to 12 June.

This edition was designed as usual where the workshops are organised in 3 parallel tracks and also delivered as usual in a classical face-to-face environment.

The novelty is that EVA was used to host the training material and the evaluation forms. Moreover, some workshops directors have decided to enhance their workshops by adding an e-learning optional component where participants are given the change to submit an assignment and continue the discussion even after the face-to-face sessions were over.

This experience has been extremely useful for the PH Training section team to test many of the functionalities of the EVA, namely the authentication and account management processes.