Advanced training on epidemic intelligence


June 2021/10 days


More information will be provided.

Objectives/intended learning outcomes  

After this course, the participants will be able to understand the steps of epidemic intelligence, perform early threat detection and develop SOP on a national level.

Target audience  

Professionals at local, regional or national level (public health institutes and ministerial level) with a public health background who are already familiar and have experience with the tools, standards and practices adopted at technical level for early detection of health threats.


This advanced course will focus on development of epidemic intelligence Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on a national level. This will include a training for a better understanding of epidemic intelligence processes in the context of the country of interest, an outline for the SOP, as well as understanding of necessary arrangements for regular documentation and reporting to national public health authorities.

During this course, the participants will be provided with theoretical background, followed by practical part, which involves exercises in smaller groups and shadowing sessions of ECDC’s epidemic intelligence experts.

Note: This course is not open for public enrolment. Participation is through invitation by the focal point of the respective disease programme or function areas which is guided by the framework of collaboration between ECDC and the Coordinating Competent Bodies of Member States.