Summer School 2021


1 & 2 September 2021 


This will be an instructor-led web-based course

Objectives/intended learning outcomes  


By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and expectations for supervising fellows in a competency-based fellowship programme
  • Understand the process of scientific review and be able to use the relevant tools to provide scientific feedback on a draft manuscript
  • Understand how to handle social media for public health including managing ‘infodemics’

Target audience  

The target audience for this course includes the Main Supervisors for the Fellowship Programme and the Main Supervisors for the MediPIET Programme.


The overall aim of this course is to strengthen scientific communication and provide a hands-on experience on how to support authors (e.g., fellows and supervisors) to improve their draft manuscripts.  

The course will include an introduction to the use of social media for public health including how to manage ‘infodemics’ as an element of scientific communication.

Note: This course is not open for public enrolment and participation is through invitation.