ECDC Laboratory twining in the area of pertussis

Dates / duration  




Objectives /    Learning Outcomes 

To develop the capacity of laboratories that could benefit from learning new techniques

Target audience  

Primarily laboratory operational contact points of the disease network relevant to the area of pertussis as well as nominated experts from the Member States.


In 2020, ECDC Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD) programme is planning to implement hands-on laboratory training activities in the area of pertussis. 
The individual training needs will be determined by the distribution of a questionnaire survey. A strong demand for training on the application of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for IBD surveillance is expected. The survey will be sent out by the coordinators and it will assess which laboratories offer training and who expresses training needs in particular fields. 

Note: This course is not open for public enrolment. Participation is through invitation by the focal point of the respective disease programme or function areas which is guided by the framework of collaboration between ECDC and the Coordinating Competent Bodies of Member States.