Active Tuberculosis (TB) case finding in migrants

Dates / duration  

18th - 19th February, 2020


Athens, Greece

Objectives /    Learning Outcomes  


Upon completing this course, the participants will be able to: 

  • Identify the latest scientific findings, guidelines and recommendations on active tuberculosis (TB) case finding in migrants. 
  • Understand diverse experiences and good practices from different country approaches in active TB case finding in migrants. 
  • Identify various approaches on how to overcome the challenges in active TB case finding in migrants. 

Target audience  

Professionals working in TB prevention and control who have the responsibility for screening policy and guidelines e.g. the NTP manager. The workshop is also aimed for those with actual experience in the organisation and implementation of active case finding e.g. public health physicians. 

The workshop will have a total of 18 participants from  Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain.


This workshop is part of the project "Country support for TB elimination in Europe" through which ECDC seeks to support the EU & EEA Member States to build capacity in TB prevention and control by providing opportunities for technical and scientific exchange.

This course is not open for public enrolment. Participation is through invitation by the national focal point of the respective disease programme which is guided by the framework of collaboration between ECDC and the Coordinating Competent Bodies of Member States.