EpiPulse training

In this category you will find training materials addressed at the users of ECDC's Surveillance Portal, EpiPulse. The access to these materials is restricted to EpiPulse users.

You might also me interested in this introductory e-learning on Infectious Disease Surveillance.

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This information on the migration from EPIS, TESSy and TTT to EpiPulse is information to read before taking the e-learning for EpiPulse users, and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

Upon completion of reading this information, you will be able to:

  • Understand the migration from previous surveillance systems to EpiPulse 
  • Understand which changes have been made in reporting of information
  • Understand who has which permissions

This information will be especially useful to former users of EPIS, TESSy and TTT who will be using EpiPulse in the future.

This EpiPulse e-learning course is available only to EpiPulse users.

It is a follow up course after the first resource (from EPIS and TESSy to EpiPulse), and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. It's self-paced meaning that you can advance at your own pace. The course is divided in different modules which means that you can pause in between or leave and come back later. The course also contains reference material such as video tutorials and FAQ. You can always come back later to look at this or to take a module again. 

Upon completion of this e-learning course you will be able to:

  • Understand what EpiPulse is and why it should be used
  • Contextualise EpiPulse in the current European regulatory environment
  • Understand the functionalities of EpiPulse

This course is available only to users of EpiPulse.

This webinar series is a complement to the e-learning on EpiPulse. Webinars will be an hybrid between demonstration of key functionality of EpiPulse and questions from the audience.

⏳ Duration: 45-60 minute webinars (From April 2021)

👥 Audience: This webinar series is available only to users of EpiPulse.

🔑 Participation: This webinar is <open/not open> for public enrolment. < details on participation if the course is not open e.g. Participation is through invitation by... >. By enrolling in this series you will be automatically subscribed to the announcements board for this webinar series.

🎯 Objectives: The overall objective of the webinars is to create a space for the users of EpiPulse to see demonstrations of EpiPulse key functionality and enable them to ask questions. Each webinar will have specific objectives.

By enrolling in this series you will be automatically subscribed to the announcements board for the webinar series, to which you may unsubscribe later.