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B3.1 Establish case definitions and be prepared to revise them on the basis of emerging evidence.4
B3.2 Conduct public health risk assessments for outbreaks of infectious disease (including rapid and long-term risk assessments), coordinate data collection and outbreak investigation.8
B3.3 Investigate likely infectious disease transmission patterns and vectors.5
B3.4 Identify vulnerable groups early on and implement appropriate protective measures (e.g. infection prevention and control, use of personal protective equipment and vaccination).8
B3.5 Identify existing and required diagnostic tests and testing capacity for infectious diseases outbreaks.4
B3.6 Describe and implement methods to interrupt transmission of infectious diseases based on knowledge of disease dynamics, including non-pharmacological interventions, contact tracing, quarantine, isolation, restricted access and other mitigation strategies.6
B3.7 Act decisively to set up contact tracing systems and train a contact tracing workforce.3
B3.8 Derive and interpret the epidemic curve for an infectious disease outbreak; use the data to implement action and draw conclusions.1
B3.9 Analyse and disseminate the geographical distribution of infectious disease cases, identifying possible clustering of cases using spatial/geographical information system mapping.2
B3.10 Evaluate and interpret the contribution of whole genome sequencing (WGS), and metagenomics data to outbreak investigation and control.0
B3.11 Establish interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and multi-sectoral collaborations and approaches to outbreak investigation and control.2
B3.12 Actively engage in risk communication during outbreak investigations, targeting relevant leaders, professionals and audiences.7

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